Our journey so far.

Founded in 2010 with the belief that if we looked after our clients, our own success will follow, Farrell Associates has always focused on the investment management industry. In 2019 a collective decision was made to combine Farrell Associates’ interest in charity work, the environment and society, with our passion for delivering solutions to clients.

This led to the rebirth of Farrell Associates as a specialist and mission-driven search firm which strives to provide the people, who will provide a better future for the planet.

We are on a long journey of constant evolution, with an end goal of having a real impact.

This passion, combined with the ability to deliver, has meant that nearly all our business is now achieved through referrals. By only working on senior level mandates, we are able to plug into industry leaders, and have an impact on strategy and business growth.

As of 2022 searches have been completed in; Melbourne, Sydney, Geneva, Barcelona, Dublin, London, New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Los Angeles.

Working in one of the major movements in a generation, means that we are powered by more than a drive for profit. We now work to a higher calling.

Meet the team.

Neil Farrell

Neil Farrell

Founder & sustainable investment search - Public markets

Neil is the founder, and keeper of the company’s vision and values. He works across the listed investment management markets, helping companies by weaving senior hires into their ESG integration, and sustainable and impact investment functions.

Neil’s Purpose

Neil is driven by solving problems. At a macro level, Neil wants to do his bit to solve some of the leading contentious issues of the day around the climate and society. Day to day, Neil loves to solve people’s problems, with a specific passion for helping clients see clearly through the nebulous arena of hiring. Neil believes passionately that for maximum productivity, teams should be built around cognitive diversity; and that people within these teams will be most happy when working in the role that most aligns to their behavioural skills.

Lotti Hawkins

Lotti Hawkins

Sustainable investment search - Private markets

Lotti leads the Private Markets practice at Farrell Associates, partnering with clients to provide mid-senior level sustainability professionals into their investment firm. She specialises in supporting hires across the range of different asset classes within this such as; private equity, private debt, infrastructure, real estate, as well as the different types of investment strategy, including Venture Capital.

Lotti’s Purpose

Lotti wants to create a tangible, positive impact within society. She aligns her personal passion for sustainability and achieving the SDGs into her role, through search and the several projects she is involved with. Since joining Farrell Associates, she has worked alongside Stephanie on the development of Farrell Associate’s Talent Roots Project which aims to address and eliminate the diversity and inclusion issues for the future of the financial services industry.

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson

Head of sustainability and culture

Stephanie heads up sustainability and culture at Farrell Associates. In her strategic oversight she enjoys making efforts towards improvements across sustainability for Farrell Associates as well as in the investment market. She views everything through the SDG micro and macro lens and how Farrell and its supply chain should be making changes to achieve these goals.

Stephanie’s Purpose

Stephanie has been fortunate to grow up in South Africa and now lives in England. She has enjoyed working in Financial Services across both continents for the last 20 years. This life journey and her interactions along the way have given her real insight into businesses, people, and the inequalities in the world. Working with the investment market and by looking at the root causes of these inequalities, she is using her energy and passion to try make real changes socially and for the environment.

Matt Baty

Matt Baty

Sustainable & impact investment research

Matt is a resourcing and research specialist with a background across a range of industries and role functions. Matt’s primary skill is uncovering and engaging with ‘difficult to find’ talent, enabling clients to fill their most challenging roles with some of the most inspiring individuals across the market. Matt’s role at Farrell Associates is to support the consulting team with industry research, enabling the business to deliver amazing shortlists, insight and reports against clients’ myriad requirements.

Matt’s Purpose

After two decades in Recruitment, Matt has seen first-hand how much of an impact the right hire can make to the performance of a team or business division. Finding people who not only match the technical requirements of a brief, but also enhance the culture and purpose of a business is a genuine passion. ESG is an area that enables Matt to couple his belief in the importance of corporate responsibility with a love of finding, meeting and recruiting fascinating people across the world.

Tom Bower

Tom Bower

Sustainable investment search – Real estate & proptech

Tom leads the Real Estate Investments & Proptech Venture Capital practice at Farrell Associates, partnering with investment managers to provide mid-senior level ESG and impact professionals. He specialises in hires for commercial and residential real estate investments across both debt and equity.

Tom’s Purpose

Tom is interested in the relationship between real estate investments and the decarbonisation of the real estate sector and is passionate about the implementation of technology as a means of achieving net zero in the built environment. He is driven by the idea that to bring about a more sustainable world, diversity of thought is a necessity and so decarbonising portfolios is inextricably tied to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment.

I believe in helping other people. I want to look back in 20 years and think that I had a positive effect on the people around me. I know that the part I play in building a successful business will enrich the lives of our clients and help them fulfil their purpose.

Neil Farrell
Founder and Managing Director

We're the only species that have crapped up the planet and the only species that can clean it up.

– Dennis Weaver