Scale up ESG SaaS businesses: the European market makes sense!

Tom Bower Tom Bower
8th September 2023

Europe continues to attract the world’s leading pioneers in ESG. Founders of SaaS start-ups centred around Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles are seeing a unique opportunity to scale up their businesses in Europe. These platforms are great tools for addressing the challenges that corporates face when their ESG professionals require real-time, accurate data, with an interface that translates complex ESG information. In essence, they provide much needed answers to materiality questions for investors and corporates alike.

Nowhere, are these services more sought after, than in Europe. There are several contributing factors to this; stringent regulations, market demand, increased interest and commitment from investors, global influence and expansion, sophisticated networks, a highly skilled talent pool, and long-term viability.

ESG regulations in Europe are stringent. Businesses are obligated to collect data and report on ESG matters. This means the demand for ESG SaaS solutions is high in corporate Europe, but the services are still relatively scarce, offering a unique opportunity for ESG SaaS platforms looking to scale up.

While recent fundraising in Europe (and globally) admittedly has been slow, there is still an overall positive attitude towards ESG aligned start-ups, with a few initial closes from venture capital funds over the summer. Continued interest from European venture capitalists, impact investors, and climate funds means that there is no shortage of investors seeking opportunities to support ESG SaaS startups as they align with their own ESG goals.

Further afield, Europe’s status as the world’s ESG powerhouse will lend credibility to any ESG SaaS platform looking to expand globally. With an established presence in Europe, ESG startups can gain credibility and visibility in the international market. This can make other regions beyond Europe’s boarders more accessible with further growth opportunities.

Regarding talent, ESG recruitment across Europe has flourished in recent years with a diverse and dense pool of professionals emerging. Founders can tap into this talent pool to drive their business initiatives forward. The initial step is often to identify talented salespeople who not only understand SaaS and are passionate about ESG, but also have the existing networks with small, medium, and large cap corporates. Herein lies a great networking opportunity connecting where founders can connect with businesses throughout Europe. 

The continued commitment to ESG principles in Europe has shown that ESG is not a passing trend but rather a fundamental shift in how businesses must operate. Founders establishing ESG SaaS business in Europe, are effectively position themselves at the forefront of this transformative movement, ensuring long-term viability and relevance.

A fundamental change in the way we run businesses is becoming a requirement rather than a choice in Europe. There is, however, access to the best talent and collaborative opportunities for ESG SaaS start-ups wanting to position themselves as the initial drivers of this change. We are excited to be networked with the best ESG SaaS sales talent, and to be part of the next wave of hiring in ESG recruitment.

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